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Sawandi Groskind
Sawandi Groskind is a Finnish director. Extremely little is known about him. Some say he used to be a promising football player for FF Jaro. His grandfather, Werner Härmälä (1921-2019), taught him Purmodialekt, a Swedish dialect spoken in Finland. Sawandi’s mother, who plays the lead role in his short film Where to Land, claims that she took karate lessons with Priscilla Presley (Elvis’s wife) in the early 1980s.

*Super 8 footage shot by Sawandi's uncle Anders Härmäla, an outstanding photographer. The footage was shot at Hällan, Finland (ca 1973), a very special place where Sawandi was raised. In the footage you can see his grandfather and grandmother doing what they loved doing. The young woman is his mother, who has seen it all.